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Who we've helped 08-03-2023


TAKING CONTROL OF HER OWN DESTINY. How the fun and games started. Amy is a 14-year-old girl whose family contacted Everyone Can after finding out that we find ways to enable people with complex disabilities to play video games.

Who we've helped 20-02-2023

Toby and Harry

Toby and Harry’s story is a perfect example of why we do what we do. Toby started attending our child gaming sessions at the end of 2018, along with his younger brother, Harry, after Toby’s mother had learnt of our sessions from his Occupational Therapist. Toby was just 5 years old and at the younger-end of those in our gaming community. To further challenge matters, Toby also has a severe form of cerebral palsy that prevents him from walking, talking and having the dexterity needed to use a standard games controller.

News / Who we've helped 02-12-2021


As we know, not all disabilities are visible and to look at ten-year-old Peter* you’d be forgiven for not being aware of the struggles he faces due to his disabilities. Peter* has a number of disabilities that effect his everyday life both at home and at school. Some of these include Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Auditory Processing Disorder, as well as fine and gross motor difficulties. Peter is also currently going through the process of being reviewed for an Autism diagnosis and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Who we've helped 18-01-2021


Zac doesn’t want to be limited to just one button games! Most 17-year-olds LOVE to play video games, and Zac is no different!