We are honoured to welcome DeViaNt_Nails_ to the Ambassador team!

DeViaNt_Nails_ , also known as DeVi, is a qualified level 3 Nail Technician and Content Creator. She streams on Twitch as a Demon Nail Tech showcasing her skills and spreading nail care awareness to keep everyone’s nails, hooves and claws in good health. As well as wielding her skills on stream she can also be found playing cosy or chaotic video games. She aims to provide a comfortable and safe space for viewers to talk about mental health and disabilities with a little bit of chaos sprinkled in.

DeVi also encourages the use of her Nail Streams for Body-Doubling purposes and welcomes all levels of lurkers alike.

DeVi lives day to day with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Anxiety, Paranoia, Clinical Depression and a small host of minor medical issues. These conditions have a big impact on her life so she immediately felt at home and supported with Everyone Can and wanted to do her bit to spread awareness and help the charity in any ways she can.



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