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Our annual fundraiser, when content providers dedicate a stream to our cause, demonstrating just how awesome the online gaming community are when it comes to supporting those who struggle in life through their disability.

If you have an online community, please join us to make a real change for those with a disability or nuerodiverse condition, by raising funds to help them come together through the power of gaming, to make friends and feel safe and accepted within society.

Here is a link to our fundraising pack, where you can find Game Together overlays, photos logos and videos. Everything you may need to set up a fundraising page or to promote the cause you are raising funds for.


If you’ve raised money online before, then you may well be aware of the following planforms and may have your own preferred one. Either way, you may want to use any of our photo’s videos and logos. These can all be found here –

These are 3 fundraising platforms that we can be found on and some steps on how to use them to raise money for Everyone Can:


  1. Go to your Creators Dashboard and select Charity from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.
  2. Type “Everyone Can” into the search box under Support the cause you care about and we should rise to the top of the list of charities listed below. Click on “Create fundraiser”.
  3. The next page enables you to set an optional donation goal and explains how your community can donate directly from your page.
  4. Now you have Everyone Can set up as your Fundraiser. (Thank you!)
  5. You can now start fundraising by just clicking on the Start Fundraiser button and you can also stop fundraising at any time, as well as increasing your goal, if your community are being even more awesome than you imagined.

Viewers of your channel can now donate by clicking on the “Donate” button next to the “Subscribe” button.

Twitch uses the PayPal Giving Fund and as of writing, you need to have reached Twitch Affiliate to use this funding tool.



Here’s the steps to take:

  1. Go to and search for Everyone Can under Causes/Events. We should be the cause listed at the top, though if not, look for the logo of 2 space invaders.
  2. Select us and that should take you to our page.
  3. Click on Start fundraising (If you don’t already have a fundraising account, you will need to create one)

You will now be able to set up an individual campaign or a team campaign (if you want to link with others who are raising funds for us and have your donations pooled).

You will then need to give your campaign a name. Something like “Helping Everyone Can to improve the lives of disabled people through gaming” or “Jack’s fundraiser for Everyone Can”. You’re probably not called Jack, but you get the idea.

Next you can add photos and videos (please feel free to use any from this page .

This is also where you can link your stream to the page.


Just Giving

This is a little bit less integrated for the setup, possibly because it’s more in its infancy as far as streaming support is concerned.

  1. Go to and click on Start Fundraising
  2. Select “I’m doing my own activity” and click next

The following pages should lead you through the rest of the process.


If you have any difficulty or questions over any of these processes, please contact Jules and he will do his best to help.