Mathew Allcock


Im Mathew Allcock sometimes known as The Wobbly Gamer, Im a 29 year old visually impaired gamer, content creator and accessibility advocate and consultant! I am a massive console gamer playing both Xbox and PlayStation titles, I love sports games and first person shooters, I predominately play FIFA, PUBG and Call of Duty, you can watch me play these on Twitch and see how I game as a visually impaired gamer. Gaming is a massive part of my life, its my down time and a great way for me to relax and switch off, it is also a huge part of my social life, I game with a lot of different people and I’ve made some incredible friends through my love of gaming! Being an ambassador for Everyone Can is a massive for me, I am passionate about accessible gaming I believe that gaming should be for everyone no matter a personas ability, it should be accessible and available for all! I love what Everyone Can stands for and their mission!



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