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Brand new arcade machine!

We’ve had an extra special delivery here at Everyone Can! Thanks to the amazing Hits Radio Cash For Kids we received funding to purchase an arcade machine for our Technology & Gaming Centre for disabled people.

Since opening the centre back in May 2018 we have always dreamed of getting our own arcade machines, obviously it goes without saying that they’re super fun! BUT the main reason we wanted to get our hands on one is because they’re also super accessible. Classic arcade machines mainly use joysticks and buttons which is similar to assistive technology we use with other gaming consoles therefore the arcade machine is an incredible edition to our gaming suite! To ensure the arcade machine is extra accessible we opted for a ‘bar top’ style so we could place it on a height adjustable table and it can then be altered to that child’s height, whether they’re in a wheelchair or stood up. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also two player so it is in line with what we want to achieve, getting disabled children gaming together!

The arcade machine has a HUGE range of games including all the arcade classics you’d expect! Not only has the arcade machine added an extra element of fun to the centre it also opens up our capacity, our arcade machine is two player so it allows us to get extra children gaming! Since opening, our centre has grown in popularity and we want to ensure everyone can come along, so new gaming equipment means more spaces!

We’ve only had the machine for a week and it has already been hugely popular! We can’t wait for more children to give it a go at our gaming sessions. From the team at Everyone Can and all the kids that use our centre THANK YOU CASH FOR KIDS!