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How Technology can help during social distancing – Video call apps

At our Technology & Gaming Centre we see every day how technology can help people! Now we’re working from home and facing lock down we’re also seeing how technology is helping people through this tough time.

Thanks to mobile phones, computers and tablets we’re still able to carry on working but best of all able to see our family and friends!

Group video platforms are perfect for working from home but also amazing at letting us keep in contact with our loved ones and see their faces. Some even bring the fun element with built in games! 

Here are a few we highly recommend:

Google Hangouts – This is completely free through the app or people with a Gmail account and  you can have up to 25 people in the chat! 

WhatsApp – A lot of people use WhatsApp for messaging but make sure you also take advantage of the apps free video calls for up to 4 people. WhatsApp is perfect for people with different devices as you can get it on Android and iOS devices. 

FaceTime – This is for the Apple people out there with iPhones, iPads and Mac desktops. It is free and can you have up to 32 people in this chat! Simple if you’re an Apple user as it comes already pre-installed on your iPhone.

Zoom – This is one for the big groups! It can fit up to 100 people on a video call and even 500 if you paid for the expanded version. It is free for one to one calls but for group chats you get up to 40 minutes free. 

House Party – This is one for the groups that also want to play some games together! It is completely free but you can only have 8 people in the chat at once. You can play games together such as Heads Up, Quick Draw and Trivia Quizzes. Hours of fun!

Facebook Messenger – A lot of people have a Facebook account so make sure you make the most of it and use Facebook Messenger for free video calling for up to 6 people. 

Skype – Skype can accommodate big groups of up to 50 people and as well as using it on computers and mobiles can also be used on Xbox One Live and Smart Watches.

So, if you’re missing your loved ones that you can’t see at this time get downloading some of these awesome apps and check in on your family and friends! If you have any questions, just email us at [email protected]