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Help save the UK’s charities!

Due to thousands of fundraising events across the UK being cancelled, charities need support now more than ever! That’s why we’ve teamed up for the 2.6 Challenge!

From Sunday 26th April you can help support Everyone Can by thinking up an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26. This could be anything you can think of, for example…

  • 2.6 Mile run
  • 26 minute walk for your daily exercise
  • 26 minutes juggling
  • 26 press ups
  • Put on some music and dance for 26 minutes
  • Do 26 football keepie uppies
  • Jump on the trampoline 26 times

There are SO many options!

Then it’s up to you how you help, you can donate some money or set up a fundraising page to get support from family and friends. To do this head here!

If you’ve got any questions or would like a media pack sent to you to promote your 2.6 challenge please email [email protected]