Phil Boylan


Meet Phil (the one stood behind the sofa with a massive cheesy grin!) Phil is apart of the Marketing team at Cloud Imperium Games in Wilmslow, where he helps communicate the great games they are developing to gamers across the world!

Like most of us here at Everyone Can Phil is a life-long gamer and found out about us when he moved to Sale, straight away he wanted to help out and soon became one of our regular volunteers at our gaming sessions. Phil’s amazing work didn’t stop there, he has also gone above and beyond to support us through gaining sponsorship! He trained hard for the Manchester Half Marathon but sadly this was cancelled due to covid-19 but then as an avid streamer he put his passion to great use to help disabled gamers! For Game Together 2020 he streamed for 24 hours raising over £1,000 for the charity!!

Phil is a strong believer that games bring people together and he sees that first hand at the centre and continues to spread the word about us and what we do!



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