Picture of PsychoScoobz

Scoobz has supported Everyone Can for a number of years now with his community and entertaining stream that covers everything from FPS games to slamming tunes.

I’m an Escape From Tarkov and 505 Games creator from the UK with the greenest beard on Twitch!
I’m currently working with charities and game developers creating content on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, all gaming related, but with some IRL aspects too.

I started streaming in 2016 and went full-time in content creation in 2019, leaving an 18 year long job as an shop floor worker & assistant manager at a window company, after a skateboarding injury put me out of work.

I’ve been a gamer since the early 80’s and love nothing more than sharing my experiences with my community. I also help the community with any gaming, streaming and other tech problems too.
Earthworm Jim and Final Fantasy 7 were some of my favourite games from my youth! At the moment I’m loving mil-sims, survival games and battle royales, but do play other genres from time to time.



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