Shauna Jones



Shauna Jones enquired about becoming an Ambassador after seeing footage of our Adult gamers enjoying a boogie on Just Dance on Twitter. As the then Community Manager for Just Dance, she was enthused to see disabled gamers getting involved and quickly got in touch with us to show some love.

Shauna has worked in the games industry for 8 years across several different studios including Playstation, Sumo Digital, Coatsink, Ubisoft Reflections and currently Ubisoft CRC. Constantly striving for accessibility in her work and encouraging those around her to do the same, she is an inspiration! Not only that, Shauna has also participated in several charity initiatives that centre around improving mental health in young people and providing specialist equipment for disabled children. Alongside this, she is a Stem Ambassador where she works hard to encourage young adults and children to see the games industry as a possible job experience in their future.

We are thrilled to have Shauna on our Ambassador team and have no doubt that she will be such a huge asset to Everyone Can.

We’re glad to have you!



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