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Zac doesn’t want to be limited to just one button games!

Most 17-year-olds LOVE to play video games, and Zac is no different!

Zac loves gaming on his own or cooperatively with others. However, Zac has faced obstacles when it comes to gaming, he has cerebral palsy which affects his fine motor skills. This makes holding and using a gaming controller very difficult, especially games that require use of multiple buttons. Understandably, Zac doesn’t want to be limited to one button games – he wants to explore the wide range of games out there and play with ease!

Back in 2018 Zac’s family got in touch with us and told us the struggles he was facing, he wanted to do what he loves and play more games! So, Zac came and visited us at our Technology & Gaming Centre for a 1-1 assessment with Andrew. The 1-1 gaming assessment gave Andrew the chance to see how Zac’s disability affects him, learn what games he wants to play and then match the correct technology to his needs.

After just a couple of hours we got him gaming

After a couple of hours at the centre and going through a variety of adaptations Zac was gaming using a joystick for his left hand, an Xbox adaptive controller and multiple switch buttons positioned under his feet. He was able to use the joystick to control characters and the switch buttons for commands such as jump, shoot etc. depending on the game.

The family were then able to know what equipment worked best for Zac and get hold of everything he needed so he could then game at home!

Of course gaming on your own is bags of fun but what we love about our centre is our gaming sessions where disabled children get to game together! Since Zac’s 1-1 assessment he has made the most of our free gaming sessions and comes most Wednesday evenings. As we’ve helped Zac in the past and are aware of his needs we can quickly get him set up and gaming alongside others.

Zac can now game alongside his family and friends

After coming to the centre for some time he also learnt that he was able to bring his brother Danny with him, although Danny doesn’t have a disability we want our sessions to be inclusive for all and always allow gamers to bring up to two non-disabled family members or friends to game alongside them.

Since meeting Zac back in 2018 it has been lovely to get to know him, he has always been one of our quieter gamers but always enters the centre with a beaming smile. Something we do hear a lot from Zac is laughter as he giggles away with his infectious smile playing Stick Fight and Gang Beasts.

When asked what Zac loves best about coming to Everyone Can he said the good variety of games and the brilliant big screens he gets to play them on. He also said the staff are friendly and helpful and loves the fact he can bring his younger brother Danny. The two of them and his carers make an evening of it and always visit McDonald’s on the way home which is an added bonus Zac said!