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Introducing Tw1sted!

Tw1sted, the self proclaimed “King Freak” & “Certified Drip Lord” is a variety content creator from Glasgow, Scotland who primarily focuses on Dead By Daylight, With a hilarious whitty personality & high energy levels that even caffeine can’t produce, But Tw1sted is also a wielder of Autism/ADHD/Asperger’s himself & one of his goals in content creation is to showcase that people on the spectrum are some of the smartest & most gifted individuals despite the struggles of daily life.

“When I was younger, I had often visited centres similar to yours where they had sensory rooms, and activities for the kids and young adults alike but I never knew any UK based ones that done it with the integration of video games. I’m a strong believer that absolutely no one anywhere is incapable of doing anything no matter their limitations. But the unfortunate reality of some disabilities is that it’s not as easy as it would be for someone like me to just pick up a controller and play. What you guys do and the fact you provide it to people for free is the icing on the cake of the whole thing. And while I’m creating my own adventures in the world of streaming I want to give something back to the kind of facilities that helped me when I was younger and freshly diagnosed.”



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