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Finding the Best Accessible Games For Your Family!

It can be difficult to find games that work for your children. Especially if they have specific needs and requirements, identifying which games are both appropriate and enjoyable for them can be a minefield.

Of course, the staff here at Everyone Can guide you through this process. But there are also some amazing resources to help you continue this journey when you are home. 

Andy Robertson wrote the Taming Gaming book for exactly this purpose. To help parents navigate this important area of video games. And Ukie are providing a bunch of these books for the Everyone Can centre! You can also read the first chapter for free here

In addition to the book are resources that let you find the perfect games for your children in different ways. The Family Video Game Database offers a parent-friendly (and jargon free) look at all the important information about video games.

For example, the page for Roblox provides all the details you need. How much it costs. What are the age ratings? How old a child needs to be to enjoy it. Whether there are any in-game purchases and how to set up accounts safely for your child.

The database also adds an Accessibility Report for each of the games. For Roblox this details how it works from the perspective of difficulty, reading, vision, hearing and how complex the controls are. 

If you are looking for new games for your family, you can use the Search feature. This lets you specify what age your child is, what genre they like playing, whether games can have loot boxes and how many players you want to play together.

The search can also be extended for all sorts of accessibility. This enables you to pick from the Accessibility game search to find a criteria that matches your needs:

There are also hand-picked lists of games that offer accessible experiences that meet different groups of requirements.